Samsø Gårdbutik

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Samsø Gårdbutik is a 500 m2 large store, that is located in the village of Permelille. A popular destination for Samsø’s visitors, where they again and again can explore the old stables at Svanegården.

The shop is located in the old buildings of Svanegården (the Swan Farm). The only water tower on the island is located by the farm.

From its own little factory, weaving mill and sewing workshop a variety of unique woolen goods in distinctive qualities and designs are presented. Everything from blankets to jackets, shawls, scarves, knitwear, hats, woolen underwear and much more ..

Also a wide range of clothing in natural materials for both ladies and gentlemen – produced with care and comfortable to wear. Gårdbutikken also bursts of practical clothing and footwear for spending time in nature for both leisure, work, golf, hunting, fishing and sailing for all seasons. In addition: Samsø specialties, souvenirs, handmade soap, health pillows, sheep skin, felt, crafts and lots of great gift ideas. Also webshop.


Adres Permelille 20, Permelille
8305 Samsø
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Samsø Gårdbutik

Adres Permelille 20, Permelille 
8305 Samsø
T 8792 1600