Annas Goumet

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Quality chutney and jam

Annas Gourmet is a small company on Funen producing quality chutney and jam after old boiling art virtues.

We always use the best ingredients, and as far as possible, Danish ingredients. It's all homemade on the Selleberg Manor house on the island of Funen. This means that we ourselves stand by the large, open pots to ensure that each batch lives up to our standards. Therefore, you can be sure to get the same good quality with the home, each time.


Adres Kertemindevejen 23
5290 Marslev
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Faciliteiten en onderwerpen

Fruit growing
Farm shop


Lengte: 55.3922898210234
Breedtegraad: 10.5445900754638

Annas Goumet

Adres Kertemindevejen 23 
5290 Marslev