Saffran Indian Restaurat & Cafe

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Saffran Indian Restaurant & Café is placed in the heart of Holstebro. We combine the magic of India with the cool and minimalistic Scandinavia in a new interpretation of Indian food. At Saffran Indian Restaurant in Holstebro we prepare all of our dishes from scratch with fresh produce and freshly ground herbs.

We want to make original Indian food from North and South India. We make our food with love.

Quality, service and atmosphere is important in our restaurant. The quality comes from using the best products and education our staff to make them the best at giving a good service and understanding our customers needs.

We have furnished our premises, so that our customers can feel the warmth and comfort. Our goal is to make good quality food at reasonable prices.



Adres Sønderlandsgade 18
7500 Holstebro
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Lengte: 56.3558265733695
Breedtegraad: 8.61805321330332

Saffran Indian Restaurat & Cafe

Adres Sønderlandsgade 18 
7500 Holstebro
T 5383 8626