Experience Ørestad - architecture tours

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City walks, guided bus tours and presentations about Copenhagen’s Nordic architecture with Experience Ørestad.

Experience Ørestad is a company that specializes in the Copenhagen neighbourhood Ørestad and its architecture. Ørestad is located on the connected island of Amager, and is known for its special and beautiful architecture as well as its close proximity to nature – the Amager Commons. Experience Ørestad offers city walks, bus tours, and presentations on the green neighbourhood packed with architectural gems.

In the neighbourhood you will experience some of star architect Bjarke Ingel’s iconic buildings as The VM Houses and 8Tallet, once named the world’s best residential building, as well as other prominent icons like Tietgen Dormitory, and DR’s Concerthall by Jean Nouvel.

You will gain an insight as to what the architecture means to the neighbourhood, urban trends as well as green trends.


Adres Richard Mortensens Vej 128
2300 København S
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Experience Ørestad - architecture tours

Adres Richard Mortensens Vej 128 
2300 København S
T 5123 7438