A Romantic Evening in the Botanical Garden

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12 stages with romantic music on A Romantic Evening in the Botanical Garden in the heart of Copenhagen.

For this special occasion, no less than 12 larger and smaller stages are spread across the big, royal park just off of Nørreport Station in the city centre. Each act performs three times, so there is no need to worry about missing out on anything.

A Romantic Evening in the Botanical Garden is a must for you if you are into romance, a bit of history, and romantic music – played by a range of famous Danish musicians.

Get your ticket at the entrance or buy in advance on their site. Included in the price is a welcome drink. It is possible to buy picnic baskets and foods and drinks to enjoy on one of the many extra benches put up for the event.


Adres Botanisk Have Gothersgade 128
1123 København K
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Tickets 0 DKK - 500 DKK

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A Romantic Evening in the Botanical Garden

Adres Botanisk Have Gothersgade 128
1123 København K
T 3315 4000