Copenhagen Sakura Festival

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Copenhagen Sakura Festival - Bispebjerg Kirkegård Fotos


Join the Japanese celebration of the beautiful Sakura trees right by Langelinie Park

In Japan, people love and admire the Sakura trees that has now taken roots in the north as well. Once a year, when the trees bloom, families, lovers and friends meet under the pink blossoms to take in their beauty.

Copenhagen Sakura Festival brings this Japanese tradition to Copenhagen with a cultural event that takes place in Langelinie Park at the end of April. By then, the 200 cherry blossom trees in the park will be bursting with pink.

At the festival, you can dive into Japanese culture and art forms such as drum shows, folk dance and martial arts. You can test your skills with workshops, listen to lectures, or you can just have a cup of tea and admire the people dressed up in beautiful kimonos. No matter what, you’ll surely have a cultural day filled with plenty of spring vibes and Zen.


Adres Langelinie Park
1259 København K
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Copenhagen Sakura Festival

Adres Langelinie Park 
1259 København K
T +45 3345 5141