Bikeroute - The green

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The route is approx. 27 km

Take this route if you want a relaxed tour of the South Island, along fields, past roadside stalls, small galleries and shops.

From Tranebjerg you go via the beautiful Østerløkkevej to Ballen. After a stay in Ballen go via Nørreskiftevej to Ørby and on towards Brattingsborg Gods (Estate).

If you feel like it you can take a tour around the forest and go all the way to the ocean.

From Brattingsborgvej the route goes on towards Kolby. In Kolby you take a turn towards Vesborg Fyr (Lighthouse).

Back in Kolby you continue towards Hårmark, Pillemark and via Pillemarksvej back to Tranebjerg.



Adres Sydøen
8305 Samsø
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For the whole family
Nature experience
Bike trips
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Bikeroute - The green

Adres Sydøen 
8305 Samsø