Glamsdalens Bikepark

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Glamsdalens Bikepark

Assens Municipality and Glamsdalens Sport Boarding School have worked together to establish
the about 3 km. long mountain bike track.

The track differs between driving on gravel, forest floor and grass.

There is winding stretches through thick forest, more open stretches on
broad paths, hairpin bends and many steep up and down ramps.

The mountain bike track is open for all and is free.

All traffic is on your own responsibility, and there can be unforeseen obstacles.

Drive where you are allowed – drive responsibly and show respect for others.

White, red and black arrows guide you around the track.

White arrow: the main track
Red arrow: advanced
Black arrow: extreme

Langbygårdsvej 14,
5620 Glamsbjerg


Adres Langbygårdsvej 14
5620 Glamsbjerg
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Mountain bike


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Glamsdalens Bikepark

Adres Langbygårdsvej 14 
5620 Glamsbjerg