Toldstrup House

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Visit Freedomfighter Jens Toldstrup's house, where he spent his childhood

Jens Toldstrup was born on 30 June 1915 in Assens.

He was named and honored as Europe's best receptionist in connection with the resistance struggle
during the occupation of 1940-1945.

You will see a rich library with accompanying reading rooms and memorial rooms in the front building.
In the backyard there is a museum, which will convey knowledge about the occupation, as it was experienced in West Funen.

The museum is under permanent construction.

Opening hours:
Saturday from 10 - 13

Adults 50.- DDK
For groups of 12-25 persons who want to visit the house by prior arrangement, the price is 500, - DDK
Free access for children 0-17 years old.



Adres Damgade 26
5610 Assens
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Cultural history museum


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Toldstrup House

Adres Damgade 26 
5610 Assens