Pay & Play sport at Lillebælt Sport & Culture

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Pay & Play Sport - Fun sports when it suits you!

Try our Pay & Play Sport if you'd like to enjoy some sport during your family holiday or weekend visit to Middelfart.  With Pay & Play Sport, you can enjoy fun sporting activities whenever it suits you. Battle it out in badminton, indoor tennis, dodgeball, rounders and lots more. Easy online booking and payment system. Prices from DKK 120*

See who gets to gloat when they win the internal family championships.

Use the opportunity to quench your thirst in our sports café or buy something tasty to eat.

Check out our website to get more information about prices and location, as well as information about courts and equipment.

*Subject to ongoing price changes.

In Lillebælt Sport and Culture, we offer you many great holiday experiences in sporting and cultural activities when you're on holiday in Middelfart and Fredericia. Everything from Events, Swimming Pool, Bowling, Pay & Play Sports and much more. See what's on offer on our website


Adres Lillebæltshallerne Færøvej 74 - 76
5500 Middelfart
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Pay & Play sport at Lillebælt Sport & Culture

Adres Lillebæltshallerne  Færøvej 74 - 76
5500 Middelfart
T +45 6441 2966