King Pin Bowl & Diner

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The bowling centre has 10 bowling alleys, where 4 can be made children-friendly. We also have a large cafe, with room for up to 100 persons, and 2 other rooms with room for another 50 people.

Our staff will do their outmost to make your stay a happy experience.
We have room for everyone, whether you are having a children’s birthday party, a get-together with family and friends for a game of bowling or are having a large party.

Our kitchen has great demands to the products used, and we offer different courses and buffets with delicious food to satisfy everyone, whether you are 3 or 90 years.



Adres Færøvej 67
5500 Middelfart
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King Pin Bowl & Diner

Adres Færøvej 67 
5500 Middelfart
T +45 6441 2966