Ole's Gallery

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Decorative oak tree artwork from Store Vildmose

At Ole's Gallery in Øster Brønderslev just 2 km from Brønderslev you can experience the extraordinary old oak trees from Store Vildmose. The tree is between 2 and 4000 years old.

Ole Jespersgaard creates unique art work from the oak for use both in- and outside. The tree originate from the natural area Store Vildmose (The Great Wild Moor) just outside Brønderslev.

Ole Jespersgaard also paints, knits and makes ceramics in his basement gallery in  Øster Brønderslev.

The gallery is always open - just call + 45 25 26 83 79 and make an appointment.


Adres Buurholtvej 24
9700 Brønderslev
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Garden art
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Ole's Gallery

Adres Buurholtvej 24 
9700 Brønderslev
T +45 25 26 83 79