Christmas Farm at Seerupgaard

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Visit the Christmas Farm event at the local organic farm of Seerupgaard.
There will be a lot of delicious food, homebaked cake and cookies, hot chocolate, coffee, red cabbage, Christmas ‘Hygge’, and fresh air.
We have honey dough ready, with our own cold pressed honey to take home and shape and bake your own honey hearts.
Harvest your own potatoes or jerusalem artichokes, or buy the freshly harvested vegetables from the farm shop. There’s nothing better than freshly dug potatoes for Christmas.
See you and bring family and friends.


Adres Fælledvej 120
2791 Dragør
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Christmas/Christmas Market
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Christmas Farm at Seerupgaard

Adres Fælledvej 120 
2791 Dragør
T +45 28 86 74 35