Maja Lykke - Yoga og Lydterapi

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Explore yourself in the absorbing universe of Yin Yoga. Irrespective of any former Yoga experience, everybody is welcome. Summer Yin Yoga at Charlotte Schultz Design, Ringvejen 1, Pillemark. Fixed courses as well as drop-in classes. In addition to yoga, sound therapy is offered with the use of singing bowls.
Open: All year. Contact Maja for further information



Adres Skolegade 19, Besser
8305 Samsø
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Relaxation area


Lengte: 55.8630184364143
Breedtegraad: 10.6389713287354

Maja Lykke - Yoga og Lydterapi

Adres Skolegade 19, Besser 
8305 Samsø
T 53635835