Jordløse Bakker sheltere, walking and riding tracks

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Jordløse bakker - The Jordløse hills are part of the Funen Alps.
The Funen Alps are a winding hilly ridge and the countryside was created during the last ice age.

Jordløse Bakker are alive with insects, butterflies and birds and there is a fragrance of heather and flowers. Pasque flowers and heath sedge are found in Jordløse Bakker hills.

Jordløse Bakker hills are an old fringe area which means that its unique flora can only be grazed. There are several high points in Jordløse Bakker hills from where there are magnificent views.

The Sandbjerg peak can be reached via a hiking path. Jordløse Bakker hills are located between Haarby and Vester Hæsinge.
Parking is available in the area.


Adres Grave Banke 11
5683 Haarby
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Jordløse Bakker sheltere, walking and riding tracks

Adres Grave Banke 11 
5683 Haarby