Biking through Copenhagen

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Copenhagen - City of Bikes In recent years, heavy investments have been made to keep Copenhagen bicycle-friendly and as safe as possible by providing cycling paths along the major streets. In the surrounding areas, there are marked cycling routes leading through some of the green and scenic parts of the area. So while in Copenhagen, why not get around the Danish way? Free city bikes The City of Copenhagen has invested over $175,000 to provide 1,300 free bicycles for visitors and Copenhageners. These bikes are not super comfortable, but they are perfect for short rides going from A to B. All you have to do is to find one of the 125 City Bike Parking spots in the centre of the city. A deposit of DKK20 (about US$3) is paid by inserting a DKK20 coin into the lock. When the cycle is returned to any rack, you get your DKK 20 back. Note that the use of the free city bikes is limited to central Copenhagen and only between 1 May and 15 November. Bike rentals Renting a bike is a good idea if you are planning a trip outside the city centre or if you want to get around faster than on foot. You can even bring your bikes along on the S-trains free of charge. The following establishments have bikes for rent, prices start at around DKK60 per day: Københavns Cykelbørs Gothersgade 157 1123 København K Phone 3314 0717 Or you could try a Baisikeli-Bike. All Baisekeli bikes are different and non-commercial. This means that when riding a Baisikeli you get that personal and authentic feeling of riding your own bike. Once the bicycles have served for some time as rental bikes, Baisikeli ships them free of charge to Africa for further repair and adjustment to local needs. Baisikeli Turesensgade 10 1368 København K Phone 2670 0229 For those with tired feet or a craving for luxury there is another option: Bicycle Taxi! If you'd like to see Copenhagen by bike but don't feel up to doing the hard work yourself, the Flying Tigers will be happy to do some pedal-pushing for you. Flying-Tigers Phone 2731 3833


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Biking through Copenhagen

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