Mygdalhus - Arts & Crafts

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Mygdal's old convenience store has been transformed into a sales and exhibition gallery for artists and artisans in North Jutland.
The exhibition is juried and the 25 artists are composed with an eye
for quality and diversity. Glass, ceramics, art, felt, sculpture to
name a few. National and international guest exhibitors are invited on an ongoing
basis to exhibit in the gallery. Mygdalhus is endorsed and funded by the Danish Arts Foundation. Mygdalhus is located on the picturesque route from the E39 motorway to Tversted and Skagen and can offer:

  • Ample parking
  • Easy access for wheelchair users-
  • A  café serving Nespresso coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cake and cold drinks
  • A playroom for children
  • Toilet facilities
  • Dankort machine
  • Open daily from Easter to Christmas

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Adres Skagen Landevej 658
9800 Hjørring
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Faciliteiten en onderwerpen

Visual art
Textile art


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Mygdalhus - Arts & Crafts

Adres Skagen Landevej 658 
9800 Hjørring
T 44403206