Ejdrup Church

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The bell in Ejdrup Church’s tower was made in 1842 and features the inscription: "Lord, let me sound, and welcome many in your house". The pulpit is from around 1625 and is decorated with wooden reliefs.

In Ejdrup Church you will find the four virtues: faith, hope, love and justice. Each of these virtues are carried by a female character, and there is one symbol for each character. The choir and nave of this church are built of granite ashlars in a Romanesque style. The narrow tower and the porch were built around the year 1500 are made of ashlars and medieval large bricks.


Adres Ejdrupvej 50
9240 Nibe
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Ejdrup Church

Adres Ejdrupvej 50 
9240 Nibe
T 98 66 66 10