Den Gamle Skolestue (o.a.), Brovst

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Visiting the old classroom of the manor house of Bratskov is like being part of granny’s narratives about when she once went to school. The classroom is fitted out like one from the early twenties. You have the opportunity to look into the countless old schoolbooks while sitting at the school desk.

In keeping with tradition, you may experience the event “Levendegørelse af Herregården Bratskov” ( vitalizing Bratskov) in summer. Every Thursday during the weeks 27-31 from 10 a.m to 01 p.m. the manor house is vitalized, so you have the opportunity to experience the special atmosphere and the many events, which took place in the beginning of the 19th century. In the schoolroom you can watch the teacher teaching by means of the old schoolbooks. Furthermore, it is possible to practice italics on a writing paper.


Adres Fredensdal 8
9460 Brovst
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Packed lunch permitted
Coach park
Cultural history museum


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Den Gamle Skolestue (o.a.), Brovst

Adres Fredensdal 8 
9460 Brovst
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