Gøttrup Fiskepark

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Gøttrup Fiskepark is one of Denmark's largest and loveliest put&take angling parks. In a large area af more than 100,000m2 you wil find a big lake, surrounded by lovely countryside with areas of woodland, meadowland and ravines where you can always find shelter from the wind and the rain.

Thousands of rainbow, river and brook trout have been put out in the lake. In addition, there are pike, zander and eel. Trout from 0.8-10 kg are put out.

Around the lake there are tables and benches as well as huts providing shelter. There is also a service building, toilet and outdoor fish-cleaning facility.

Angling rates 1 rod
2 hours DKK 70,-
3 hours DKK 100,-
5 hours DKK 140,-
8 hours DKK 200,-
24 hours DKK 350,-

Only one rod per angling permit!


Adres Gøttrupvej 311c
9690 Fjerritslev
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Gøttrup Fiskepark

Adres Gøttrupvej 311c 
9690 Fjerritslev