Skarp Salling Kirke

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The Church of Salling reminds you of a cathedral. The Basillica structure of this imposing church and the variety of exiting interior details makes you admire the stonemason who once created it. An example of his genius can be seen on the round pillar in the western corner of the church, where two pelicans are peckine themselves till blood flows in order to nourish their young ones - a symbol of devoted love. The glazed earthenware altar shows the Crucifixion and Jesus as God´s Lamb. The original church dates back to about the year 1150, but it had a major restoration at the end of the 19 th. century, supvervised by H.B. Storck. General opening hours: Daily during the summer. In the winter only Tuesday-Friday.


Adres Sallingvej 57, Skarp Salling
9670 Løgstør
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Village church


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Skarp Salling Kirke

Adres Sallingvej 57, Skarp Salling 
9670 Løgstør
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