Klosterhaven - the Abbey Garden in Mariager

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The old abbey garden of Mariager Abbey has disabled-friendly paths, which wind through the garden, as well as beehives, pleasant places to sit, a pavilion containing an exhibition and a herb garden. In the herb garden, you can see and read about the old medicinal herbs – and find out how the herbs were used to cure the sick in medieval times.

Inside the abbey foyer, there’s an exhibition about the abbey, where you can read about its heyday and look at the attractive illustrations of the buildings as they would have appeared when Mariager Abbey was one of the largest abbeys in Denmark. Here, you can also see the attractive memorial plaque to the abbey’s last two nuns.


Adres Klosterstien 12
9550 Mariager
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Open private garden
Monastery garden


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Klosterhaven - the Abbey Garden in Mariager

Adres Klosterstien 12 
9550 Mariager
T 98541287