Fish Restaurant Niels Juel

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From July 2nd to 20th of august 2019

Eat the best seafood at the Restaurant NIELS JUEL in Klitmøller.
Restaurant Niels Juel offers a delicious seafood buffet at a price of 225, - DKK / each. Children u/10 years 112, - DKK. 
Restaurant Niels Juel is a seafood restaurant located in The National Park Thy with the best of views in the beautiful maritime setting. Direct ocean views to the old landing place in Klitmøller, to the surfers and the sunset. The restaurant is extrememly cosy, in a unique atmosphere, with many beautiful model ships and ancient maritime equipment everywhere.

IMPORTANT: Please phone us to reserve a table. 


Adres Ørhagevej 150, Klitmøller
7700 Thisted
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Faciliteiten en onderwerpen

Main course: DKK 150 - 250
Traditional Danish food
Fish and shellfish


Lengte: 57.0428666
Breedtegraad: 8.4823049999

Fish Restaurant Niels Juel

Adres Ørhagevej 150, Klitmøller 
7700 Thisted
T +45 97 99 70 03