Den Sorte Badestrand - Sønderborg

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Beach near Idrætshøjskolen in Sønderborg.

The beach has a bathing jetty and a ramp at the water’s edge provides easy access in a wheel chair.

Is your dog joining you at to the beach? Dog owners have to notice that this beach is decorated with the Blue Flag. This means that the dog has to keep a distance of 200 m in both directions from the pole with the Blue Flag.

This beach is situated within the Natura-2000 area and the use of PWC´s (Jet-Boats) is NOT permitted. Read more about the rules in force here.


Adres ved Frihedsalle
6400 Sønderborg
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Faciliteiten en onderwerpen

Bathing jetty
Blue flag
Beach suitable for children
Car park nearby
Ramp for wheelchair users


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Den Sorte Badestrand - Sønderborg

Adres ved Frihedsalle 
6400 Sønderborg