Gl. Brydegaard- Restaurant

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Gl. Brydegaard is a beautiful hotel, restaurant and course facilitywhose interior décor is bright and modernthroughout.  

Our surroundings add to a peaceful atmosphere where sea, wood and meadow afford splendid walks, bathing and time for reflection.  

Our chef makes food made from scratch to please your palate where fresh seasonal produce is used in a high-quality culinary mixture rooted in Danish traditions and served in a simple, delicious style.

As soon as weather permits, we servemeals on our patio where visitors canenjoy our splendid plane tree in the lovely garden. 

Our tipi (65 m²) can also be used for cosy evening campfire events, or you
can book our Stjernebadet where we heat up the water to 40°C for an
enjoyable cocktail of stars, relaxation and pleasant conversation. 

We look forward to welcoming you…

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Gl. Brydegaard

Gl. Brydegaard - Ulvetime



Adres Helnæsvej 4
5683 Haarby
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Faciliteiten en onderwerpen

Traditional Danish food
Main course: DKK 150 - 250
Bike Friends


Lengte: 55.209253
Breedtegraad: 9.991644

Gl. Brydegaard- Restaurant

Adres Helnæsvej 4 
5683 Haarby
T 64771475