Saltofte Strand/Saltofte beach

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Saltofte strand / Saltofte beach
Saltofte beach is located along Little Belt, between Sønderby Klint and Torø Sund, about 3 kilometres south of Assens.

Parking is available both west and east of the approach road. Vehicles are not permitted to drive in areas covered by the Protection of Nature Act. At Saltofte, this means that driving is not permitted within virtually all areas of covered with vegetation between the waterfront and Saltofte Strandvej.

A dry lavatory is located at the parking area west of the approach road.

The beach is 400 metres long and comprises a 20-metre-wide sandy beach. Both beach and sea floor are composed primarily of sand.

The bathing area is shallow: water depths of 2 metres are 100–130 metres from shore at normal water levels. No bathing jetties have been set up in this area.


Adres Saltofte strand
5610 Assens
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Faciliteiten en onderwerpen

Car park nearby
Suitable for windsurfing


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Saltofte Strand/Saltofte beach

Adres Saltofte strand 
5610 Assens