Stampen, Onsbæk, Galløkken Bornholm

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A series of beaches south of Rønne.
If you can't find shelter from the wind to the north of the city, you probably find it here.
They are nice beaches with a long stretch of sand before you get to the stony bottom.
The beaches are very close to Rønne, so you can go there on foot or by bike. There are good parking facilities close to the beach at Galløkken, Onsbæk and Stampen.
The way down to the narrow beach is very steep for the most part. There are steps in a number of places, however.


Adres Stampen Bornholm
3700 Rønne
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Faciliteiten en onderwerpen

Cars permitted
Beach suitable for children
Car park nearby


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Breedtegraad: 14.73038

Stampen, Onsbæk, Galløkken Bornholm

Adres Stampen Bornholm 
3700 Rønne