Restaurant von Plessen

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You will find the restaurant in the hotel’s lover level, in large and beautiful rooms what reveal the age of the historical, despite the weeping renovation.
With the French inspired gastronomic kitchen the restaurant serves both menus and a la carte.
Restaurant Von Plessen is also looking forward to welcoming your private banquet, dinner party, reception or wedding, and if you wish for more private surrounding we would be happy to host your party in our banquet rooms. We can set a beautiful table for up to 150 guests and host a banquet of up to 150 people.
You will find the menus and the wine list on the restaurants website,
Open 18.00-21.30 (Closed sun- and holiday)


Adres Bredgade 37
1260 København K
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Main course: DKK 150 - 250
Green Key


Lengte: 55.682892
Breedtegraad: 12.58843

Restaurant von Plessen

Adres Bredgade 37 
1260 København K
T 33959400