Elkenøre Beach

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Elkenøre Beach is the most northerly part of Marielyst Beach on South Falster. The beach follows the northern part of the Falster dike and is almost as wide as the beach to the south. At Elkenøre Beach, you can enjoy the waves, wildlife, sun, surfers and the flowers. The beach offers limitless possibilities for fantastic walks, such as the approx. 3 km walk South along the dike or the beach – whichever you prefer – and end up in the centre of Marielyst. Alternatively, walking North will take you to Østerskov forest, which belongs to the Corselitze Estate. Continuing through the forest, will lead you to Halskov Vænge, Hesnæs and Stubbekøbing, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature of East Falster.


Adres Fasanvej 3
4872 Idestrup
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Faciliteiten en onderwerpen

Beach suitable for children
Suitable for windsurfing



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Breedtegraad: 11.995763137

Elkenøre Beach

Adres Fasanvej 3 
4872 Idestrup