Air filling station Hindsgavl Camping

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There is a possibility of air refilling at Hindsgavl Camping

We have a 190 liter Bauer compressor with 30,000 liters of air. We can fill bottles most of the year and almost at all times.

Lillebælt is the place for divers and with its many underwater slopes and caves, Lillebælt is one of Scandinavia's best places for diving.  Hindsgavl Camping is within walking distance approx. 400 meters from one of the most beautiful diving spots "the wall" at Søbadet.

It is possible to wash and dry your equipment at Hindsgavl Camping

Bottles can be filled prior to arrangement.

Price: DKK 3.50 per bottle liter


Adres Søbadvej 10
5500 Middelfart
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Air filling station Hindsgavl Camping

Adres Søbadvej 10 
5500 Middelfart
T +45 6441 5542