Poulstrup Lake

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Poulstrup Lake and Dall Moor are beautiful natural resorts with much to see. The lake is situated beautifully between hills, where marked hiking trails make it easy to find your way around in the area.

At Poulstrup Lake, there are also marked trails for mountain biking and horseback riding. The area has a great biodiversity. Many bird species breed by the lakes and in the forest. There is a good chance to see lizards and vipers sunbathing on the cliffs.


During WWII, the Germans used the area for military training for combat vehicles and therefore destroyed much of the area. After the war, Aalborg Municipality bought the area, and it quickly became a popular destination. Poulstrup Lake is one of the municipality’s ”free fishing places”.



Adres Poulstrupvej
9000 Aalborg
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Poulstrup Lake

Adres Poulstrupvej 
9000 Aalborg
T 99 31 31 31