Cafe Banken

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Café Banken is located at the square in Assens. We have an outdoor terrace and a lovely patio with a view of Vor Frue Kirke. We also have a room that can be used for big parties. 

Other than our classic a la carte menu, you can also order take-away. We deliver take-away to your needs.

The café is open from 10:00
The kitchen is open from 11:00 - 21:00

Longer open hours with events in town.


Adres Østergade 14-16
5610 Assens
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Lengte: 55.2699491
Breedtegraad: 9.8948267

Cafe Banken

Adres Østergade 14-16 
5610 Assens
T 64715151