Bislev Church

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Bislev Church was build around year 1200. The aisle and chancel are build in a Romanesque style. Above the door, you will find a stone image set in the wall, showing fighting warriors. Today, this image can also be found on the 1000 Dkr. note.

At the northern side of the chancel arch, you will find an image of the face of Christ fringed with thorns, dated to around year 1889. In that year, Niels Juul-Rystensteen died, and on his tomb in the graveyard a similar Christ image can be seen.For centuries, the Juul-Rystensteen family owned Lundbæk Gård (Farm). Among other things, the family has donated the altarpiece.

The church is open to the public Tuesday- Thursday 08.00- 15.30 and Friday 08.00-14.00. The church is also open by appointment with the sexton, who can be contacted on +45 30 51 81 64.    


Adres Kirkebjergvej 3
9240 Nibe
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Bislev Church

Adres Kirkebjergvej 3 
9240 Nibe
T +45 98 35 70 05