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The coronavirus pandemic has created concern all over the world and countries everywhere have put measures in place to prevent the spread of the virus – including the temporary closure of the Danish borders.

Thanks to a number of measures taken by the Danish authorities, the rate of infection has been reduced significantly. This is positive and welcome development has resulted in the controlled re-opening of the Danish borders, which were re-opened on 15th June.

Citizens from EU member states, non-EU Schengen member states and the United Kingdom may enter Denmark, if they have a worthy purpose or can document a minimum of at least six overnight stays.

The Danish authorities have stated that the extended opening of the Danish borders at all times is conditional upon the coronavirus infection rate of the country in question and this will be assessed on an ongoing basis.

We are very pleased that many more tourists can now visit Denmark, so that we can welcome our foreign visitors to a holiday in a Danish holiday home.


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